Successful completion of the lighthouse project Ophthalmo-AI

After three years, the Ophthalmo-AI project, which focused on intelligent, cooperative medical decision support in ophthalmology, was concluded in mid-March.

Four demonstrators (including an intelligent learning tool to support image diagnoses and a dashboard to support treatment decisions in therapy) were developed as part of the project and were evaluated very positively in the two participating clinics (Augenklinik Sulzbach, Augenzentrum am St. Franziskus-Hospital Münster).

In addition, two Master’s theses were completed as part of the project, with one completed and one planned employment of the students as IML employees in Oldenburg and Saarbrücken. Several publications have been published or submitted to AI and medical conferences, and a new project on active learning with Google Germany as a partner is based on the content of Ophthalmo-AI.

Hasan Md Tusfiqur Alam and Md Abdul Kadir from IML show project contents from Ophthalmo-AI to an audience. Photo by: Felix Brüggemann, Copyright: Google.