Funding period 01/2019 – 12/2019

In Skincare, we develop a mobile application for patients and health professionals in the context of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

A CNN toolbox for skin cancer classification. Fabrizio Nunnari and Daniel Sonntag, 2019.

The Skincare Project. Daniel Sonntag, Fabrizio Nunnari and Hans-Jürgen Profitlich, 2020.


We will combine patient records with mobile images for knowledge discovery and knowledge acquisition toward decision support and services in clinical and non-clinical environments. Input modes include smartphones for a direct digitization of patient data and images. The innovative aspect is a holistic view on individual patients based on teledermatology, whereby patient data and lesions photographed with a mobile device can be taken into account for clinical and non-clinical decision support.

Further, we conduct research in interactive machine learning to explain deep neural network decisions by smart visualizations of medically relevant visual concepts.

Expected Outcome and Contributions

  • Enabling technology for clinical decision support based on interactive machine learning
  • Reference architecture towards a Digital European Healthcare Infrastructure (also cf. EIT MCPS)
  • Technical components for aggregating digitised patient information (patient record and teledermascopic images),
  • Integration of decision support technology into clinical test-bed environments.
  • Diagnostic and decision support systems in dermatology for (1) patients and (2) doctors.


Daniel Sonntag (DFKI, supervisor)
Hans-Jürgen Profitlich (DFKI, senior software developer)
Fabrizio Nunnari (DFKI, senior researcher)
Abraham Ezema (DFKI)
Haris Iqbal (DFKI)
Md Abdul Kadir (DFKI)
Duy Nguyen (DFKI)


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