14/11/2019 Interview with Daniel Sonntag in the German enorm Magazine, "AI in Medicine, wonders in diagnosis?" (in German).
08/11/2019 Daniel Sonntag is an invited speaker at the AAAI Fall Symposium Series, Human-Centered AI: Trustworthiness of AI Models & Data. Title: "Interactive Machine Learning and Explainable AI, two sides of the same coin."

27/09/2019 Lecturer at the 2019 UPLINX Machine Learning School. Michael Barz presents research topics from our group, e.g., how interactive machine learning and eye tracking can be used to support dementia patients in everyday life.
24/09/2019 Multimodal Multisensor Interface Trilogy published

The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces provides the first authoritative resource on what has become the dominant paradigm for new computer interfaces-user input involving new media (speech, multi-touch, hand and body gestures, facial expressions, writing) embedded in multimodal-multisensor interfaces. This three-volume handbook is written by international experts and pioneers in the field. It provides a textbook, reference, and technology roadmap for professionals working in this and related areas.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

18/09/2019 Daniel Sonntag becomes member of the German Delegation of Artificial Intelligence of the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc.

Main scientific partner institutes include the Future Skills Centre - Ryerson University, the University of Toronto and the Vector Institute, main industrial partners include Element.AI, Zoom.AI, and Roche Canada.

Invited talk at The Future of Work & AI Conference, where experts from Germany and Canada discussed the newest developments in this field, took place on September 18th at the Ontario Investment and Trade Centre.

Canadian German Chamber of
Industry and Commerce Inc.
480 University Ave, Suite 1500
Toronto, ON, M5G 1V2 Canada

16/09/2019 Daniel Sonntag is invited speaker at the Roche Diabetes Care symposium at the EASD congress Barcelona.

06/09/2019 Daniel Sonntag is invited speaker at the German Demography Congress, title: "Artificial Intelligence Companions", also see

28/05/2019 Invited Speaker at the 12th Annual International Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease - SBHD 2019, May 27-29 in Berlin. Daniel Sonntag, Title: "Interactive Machine Learning in Medicine: Potentials and Limitations"

AOK Niedersachsen starts "health frequencies" - the purpose of this information series is to provide up-to-date information about artificial intelligence and digitalisation in healthcare.

Daniel Sonntag (DFKI), Alena Buyx (TUM), Jürgen Peter (AOK)

09/05/2019 Interakt: DFKI presents a Multimodal Speech-based Dialogue for the Mini-Mental State Examination at the CHI 2019 conference in Glasgow.
06/05/2019 Daniel Sonntag gives keynote at the The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) workshop on AI in Healthcare, Künstliche Intelligenz in der Medizin – Holzweg oder Heilversprechen? (in German, Artificial intelligence in medicine—the wrong track or promise of cure?)
09/04/2019 Daniel Sonntag is Invited Speaker at the EIT Digital (H2020) MACHINE LEARNING IN HEALTHCARE - FROM LAB TO MARKET (BERLIN) Enhancing healthcare applications with Deep Learning predictive power from early detection to recovery
20/03/2019 Focus Online publishes Interview with German AI and oncology specialists, with Daniel Sonntag, amongst others (in German):
Dr. Algorithmus: Wie künstliche Intelligenz Krebspatienten helfen kann (How can AI help cancer patients?)
15/03/2019 Springer NYC / Heidelberg provide links to the KI Journal video campaign.
KI – Künstliche Intelligenz / Artificial Intelligence Journal: Submitting Your Manuscript
KI – Künstliche Intelligenz / Artificial Intelligence Journal: Types of Papers
KI – Künstliche Intelligenz / Artificial Intelligence Journal: About the Journal
14/03/2019 Daniel Sonntag, Invited talk at Oxford University, at the Oxford Robotics Institute about interactive machine learning in human-robot Interaction (HRI).
08/03/2019 Skincare: The Skincare project now uses the open-source architecture from the KDI project. The architecture has been published in the AI for Medicine Journal (ELSEVIER) and can be downloaded for free here.
07/02/2019 Skincare: Kick-off of the Skincare Project (H2020, EIT Digital) at Degetel in Paris. In Skincare, we develop a mobile application for patients and health professionals in the context of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.
30/01/2019 Daniel Sonntag is invited panelist at the "Man vs. Machine: Quo vadis AI in Healthcare?" Digital Health Forum, Charité Berlin.

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15/11/2018 The German Federal Government (Bundesregierung) releases the National AI strategy (in German) with additional input from the experts appointed by the Federal Ministry of Health. Also see AI in medicine and the German AI strategy.
08/11/2018 800 scientists, clinicians, academics, young professionals, policy makers and representatives of the healthcare industry came together to discuss and shape the Future of Medicine. Watch the presentation in session 3, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. See also
01/11/2018 The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces: Signal Processing Architectures, and Detection of Emotion and Cognition. Volume 2 EDITORS: Oviatt, Sharon; Schuller, Bjorn; Cohen, Philip R; Sonntag, Daniel; Potamianos, Gerasimos; Krueger, Antonio PUBLISHER: Order link at Morgan and Claypool /ACM entry. This is a THREE volume series that presents the definitive state of the art and future directions of the field of Multimodal and Multi-Sensor interfaces.
01/09/2018 The German Medical Professional Association (Hartmannbund) publishes a short article from Daniel Sonntag about AI in medicine and the German AI strategy (page 16, in German). Part of the article and the strategy will be presented at the Digital-Gipfel.
17/06/2018 Interakt: Barz et al. win best paper award of the prestigious Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA). The technology for robust mobile gaze interaction is used in patients' behaviour analysis.
16/05/2018 KDI: Cebit 2018 announces keynote speakers, amongst others, Daniel Sonntag for Artificial Intelligence at the CEBIT Digital Health Forum.

13.06.2018 © Deutsche Messe AG
15/05/2018 KDI: Invited talk at the Federation of German Industries (BDI), Berlin. Artificial Intelligence Roadmap in Medicine in Germany (Daniel Sonntag).
18/04/2018 KDI: Invited talk at Microsoft Berlin, National Roundtable in Digital Tranformation in Medicine (Daniel Sonntag).
10/04/2018 KDI: title story about Artificial Intelligence in Medicine with accompanying commentary from Daniel Sonntag.
22/03/2018 Interakt: DFKI presents the Multimodal Medical VR demonstrator at the IUI 2018 conference in Tokyo.
Here's the demo paper.

21/03/2018 KDI: An interview with Daniel Sonntag about the Future of Machine Learning in Healthcare was published by EHEALTHCOM, in German: "Es gab immer einen Hype um Maschinenlernen"
01/01/2018 Interakt: Daniel Sonntag becomes new editor-in-chief of the German Journal of Artificial Intelligence.
07/12/2017 KDI: An article by Daniel Sonntag and Volker Tresp about KDI was published in Frankfurter Allgemeine: "Better healthcare services by data analysis" (in German)
28/11/2017 KDI: Invited Talk at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Daniel Sonntag, at the Mayenburg Cancer Research Award Symposium about Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.
20/11/2017 KDI: DFKI provides download links for recent video publications:

Facetted Search:

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13/11/2017 KDI: Invited Panel and Expert Cycle at MEDICA 2017, Daniel Sonntag, main contribution: Decision support in virtual reality
10/11/2017 Interakt: The Deutsches Ärzteblatt publishes a short article about Daniel Sonntag's research team and new research work in Interakt.
29/09/2017 KDI: The KDI project's closing event took place on September 29, 2017 in the Berlin Museum of Medical History. The ruin of the former Rudolf Virchow Lecture Hall, with its historic charm, presented a unique event location that has made for an unforgettable experience. Programme:
  • 10:00 - Introduction to clinical data intelligence
  • 11:00 - Organisation of clincial data, data security
  • 12:00 - Application scenarios
  • 15:00 - External speakers
  • 16:00 - Official Demo Event / Internal meeting with DLR and BMWi
  • 17:00 - Farewell
19/08/2017 KDI: DFKI presents the Medical VR demonstrator at IJCAI 2017 throughout the conference in Melbourne.
Here's the demo paper.

See the submission video to IJCAI competition, and the final video.
18/08/2017 KDI: DFKI presents the Medical VR demonstrator at SIGDial 2017 in Saarbrücken.

04/08/2017 KDI: DFKI will present at IJCAI 2017! Demo event and invited talk at Healthcare event.
28/06/2017 KDI: DFKI and Siemens present their MedicalVR scenario (video) with integrated deep learning.
22/06/2017 KDI: DFKI presents final version of their integrated facetted search application for nephrology, the digital mammography application, and textual information extraction results in mammography at CBMS 2017.
21/06/2017 Interakt: Heise and Technology Review feature DFKI's work in Kognit and Interakt (Interview with Daniel Sonntag) about cognitive assessment and digital external memories.

30/05/2017 Interakt: The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces: Foundations, User Modeling, and Common Modality Combinations. Volume 1 EDITORS: Oviatt, Sharon; Schuller, Bjorn; Cohen, Philip R; Sonntag, Daniel; Potamianos, Gerasimos; Krueger, Antonio PUBLISHER: Morgan and Claypool/ACM Press. This is a THREE volume series that presents the definitive state of the art and future directions of the field of Multimodal and Multi-Sensor interfaces.

05/04/2017 Interakt: Kick-Off Meeting in Berlin

KDI: We exhibit at CeBIT 2017 at the BMWi booth, DFKI provides a demonstrator in Virtual Reality.

CeBIT_d               CeBIT

Interakt: Interview with Daniel Sonntag in Deutsches Ärzteblatt in two articles about KOGNIT and INTERAKT:

Autonom leben             Die neue Partnr kommen

07/12/2016 Kognit: Article about future artificial intelligence applications in medicine published by  Technology Review (German Version)
20/11/2016 KDI: Invited talk: Machine Learning for Doctors in Healthcare Innovators Summit - Digital Health, Technology Review 2016 Heise Events, Berlin, Germany (November 30, 2016)
(AI in Medicine--the clinical data intelligence project)
Big Data: Verfügbarkeit, Verknüpfbarkeit und Verwertbarkeit der Daten verbessern, conference (sponsored by BMBF / DFG)
21/10/2016 Kognit: Alexander Prange won the TCCLS Student Paper Award at CBMS 2016 (The 29th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems by IEEE) for the publication by Alexander Prange and Daniel Sonntag: "Digital PI-RADS: Smartphone Sketches for Instant Knowledge Acquisition in Prostate Cancer Detection" CBMS 2016
05/07/2016 Kognit: Feature about Daniel Sonntag and future health technology in "Focus Gesundheit": Capture
14/03/2016 KDI: We exhibit at CeBIT at the BMWi booth, DFKI provides new KDI demonstrators
Clinical Data Intelligence - Links Patient Data, Optimizes Treatment
04/03/2016 KDI: From RadSpeech to Clinical Data Intelligence by Image Analysis and Speech Dialogue, Daniel Sonntag presents at GHTC Science Slam.
17/12/2015 KDI: in The science events that shaped 2015 (Nature)

US President Barack Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative: Tailoring treatments to individual patients has long been a goal in biomedicine, but US President Barack Obama gave this effort a big boost with his announcement in January of the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). As part of the US$215-million programme, which will award its first grants next year, the NIH and partner organizations will recruit one million people across the country, collecting genetic information, health records and even data from electronic health-monitoring devices. Researchers will use the information to look for links between disease risk and genetic and environmental factors.

21/09/2015 Kognit: Great article about Kognit in the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper
Group picture with NAO robot: Project lead Daniel Sonntag (seated) and some members of his team at DFKI. Photo: Oliver Dietze
25/07/2015 Kognit: The Kognit Storyboard receives MOST SOCIETALLY BENEFICIAL VIDEO Award at IJCAI-15 Video Competition!
11/06/2015 Kognit:S. E. Governor Gary R. Herbert, Governor of Utah tested the first SMI/Oculus/DFKI application demo (SMI Cognitive Monitoring via Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality)
SMI-Oculus Application Demo
10/06/2015 Kognit: Demo on June 11th at 17:00 - Cognitive Monitoring via Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality Pedestrian Environments at the conference Pervasive Displays 2015
10/06/2015 KDI: KI Journal special issue on Health and Wellbeing published!
01/06/2015 Kognit: SMI endorses Kognit usecase
29/05/2015 Kognit: Additional Kognit press reference
27/03/2015 Kognit: We present at IUI 2015 in Atlanta, USA. Halo Content: Non-invasive Augmented Reality
31/05/2014 EIT MCPS: Presentation of full Medical CPS architecture at CBMS 2014 in New York, Mount Sinai Hospital The Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Activity at EIT: A Look under the Hood Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), IEEE 2014 Contact: Daniel Sonntag, DFKI
25/02/2014 ERmed: Demo at IUI 2014, also see ERmed

16/01/2014 ERmed: First evaluation on the ability to accurately focus on virtual icons in each of several focus planes despite having only monocular depth ques, confirming the viability of these methods for interaction.
08/12/2013 ERmed: Second evalution at ELTE in Budapest focussing on self-calibrating eye-tracking, robust gaze-guided object recognition and how "artifical salience" can modulate the gaze (un)consciously.
12/10/2013 ERmed: In Budapest, Takumi and Jason work on a combination of eye gaze and dynamic text management that allows user centric text to move along a user's path in realtime.
04/07/2013 ERmed: We start the "ELTE Building Project" (NIPG) featuring eye gaze-based location awareness / indoor navigation
17/06/2013 EIT MCPS: CPS programming workshop in Budapest at STAF 2013 Contact: Tamás Kozsik, ELTE
02/04/2013 ERmed: We combine SMI's eye tracker with a new glass frame to Brother's Airscouter
06/03/2013 EIT MCPS: Location-awareness & cyber-physical system workshop at IUI 2013: Lambda 2013 Contact: Tim Schwartz, DFKI
01/03/2013 EIT MCPS: DFKI launches the DigiPen Spin-Off (real-time digital pen data acquisition): also visit the CeBit booth, March 5-9, 2013, hall 4, C26 (German Telekom) and hall 9, S50 (DFKI)
01/03/2013 ERmed: Jason Orlosky (Osaka University and DFKI) wins IUI best paper award on dynamic text management.
19/02/2013 EIT MCPS: Kick-Off at EIT in Berlin!
01/02/2013 ERmed: EIT Medical CPS Kick-off. ERmed delivers sitation awareness cues for patient monitoring
08/12/2012 ERmed: Interview with Daniel Sonntag in Ferchau (Industry 4.0) in German
23/09/2012 RadSpeechArticle about Radspeech in the German Magazine for Clinical Research (DZKF), Issue 05/06-2012, (in German)
10/01/2012 First Demo of THESEUS MEDICO Radpeech at ISI Erlangen.

Professor Alexander Cavallaro’s vision of the educated lymphoma patient of the future is very different from today’s patient, who carries the computed tomography (CT) images of his lungs and abdomen home on a CD or DVD after a routine radiological examination.

How semantic technologies can be applied to medicine was illustrated by the THESEUS MEDICO research project, which brought together radiologists from the University of Erlangen, experts from the German Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), as well as researchers from Siemens, the Fraunhofer Society, and TUM (Technische Universität München). “MEDICO” was one of several cases put forward for the use of the THESEUS research program, which was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in 2007, in order to support technologies for an “Internet of services.

Full Text

Radspeech, the radiology workstation on the iPad (in German)
16/11/2011 Daniel Sonntag wins German High Tech Champions (GHTC) Award in Medical Imaging.

Radspeech, a semantic dialogue system for radiologists

English Press Release
German Press Release